Changing our ways

Here in the Trinci Bunch household we are making those healthy changes that we always talk about….ok, that I always talk about and never follow through in. Scratch that, I have made changes that have stuck, and have failed to try different approaches to those things that my family balked against.

So, back on track. Slow and steady wins the race! One thing at a time is my approach this time. This completely goes against my grain. I am typically the type of person that jumps in, tears down whatever it is that is not working, re-organize and implement the more efficient plan! That works in my professional life, not so much when it comes to a more natural and healthier lifestyle at home.

In the coming weeks I will bring you along on my travels into a healthier and more nutritious life. The projects I have chosen to start with are:

– Making Kombucha (a drink packed in goodness)

– Making our deodorant (we have been using a natural version but we are revamping)

– Making out own toothpaste (and flavoring to the kids specifications :-p)

I have more plans on the back burner but I think the above items are a good place to start for now!

Recipes and experiences to follow 🙂

4 Replies to “Changing our ways”

  1. Molly has the killer deodorant recipe perfected. I would talk to her about it if you haven’t yet! For toothpaste I always add a bit of xylitol. My kids don’t get cavities anymore.

  2. Awesome! Good job! I have a recipe for deodorant on my blog if you are interested! I was tired of spending money on natural deodorants that didn’t work :-/ P.S. I love kambucha… share your recipe!!! 🙂

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