Digging deeper

I have chosen to follow Jesus into a place of great discomfort in order to find healing. I am willing to follow Him, despite the uncomfortably that will come, knowing that He always intends to bring life and light into my life. I have been walking with Jesus long enough to know that I can trust Him completely.

He has brought me to a deep, dark and hardened place within. A cold place I have been trying to keep buried for a very long time. I know he desires to break through this place and that I will be thankful when I’ve come out in the other side. It still scares me.

This journey I am about to embark upon will be difficult and I will need support. I have been blessed with a sister in Christ who is ready and willing to walk by my side through it.

God has done such amazing things in this life I lead and has done such works in me. I faithfully expect that this too will be amazing and that He will use it for His Glory.

I am at the threshold of this long journey and can already see just how big this unresolved pain has been affecting my daily life. I have a glimmer of how this has been causing such struggles for me. I cannot imagine how much more I will discover or how liberating it will be to finally get on the other side.

Never before have I dealt properly with these deep, dark secrets. Anger, uncertainty and pain has been the consequences of holding onto these things. The time has come for Jesus’ Holy light to shine into these parts of me so that I may find freedom.

I choose to follow Jesus,  even when I know it will cause old wounds to reopen and a great discomfort for a period of time. I trust in Him in all things. I pray daily for transformation and healing, now it’s time for me to walk through this place to find it.

I will keep my focus on eternity and obediently follow my Lord into greener pastures. I know He forgives me and it’s time for me to forgive myself.

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