Five Hundred Words – day 1

Five Hundred Words Starts Today

Today is the day that I begin to write five hundred words a day. Why would I do this you ask? Well I am a writer. This is something I have enjoyed all my life. This is how I best express myself. This is where my heart opens and my spirit flows.

Through my days I have had times of writing fervently day after day and sharing with all that would take the time to read. There have also been times where I have not written for what has felt like forever. Writing has always allowed me to be me.

I have written in notebooks, published poems and have written many a blog. Over a year ago I settled on this blog and promised myself that I would not let this one go. I have chosen to share my walk and want to be transparent. My hope has always been to build a community where we can all see that we all struggle and that we are not alone. I want to be a testament to the work that Jesus can accomplish is a stubborn, over analytical mess like me.

Some weeks I post a lot, some weeks I don’t post anything at all.. I find that I have no real rhythm to my writing and want that to change. Writing stirs up emotion, gets my juices flowing, and allows me to connect with the Holy Spirit as I open myself up to Him. It’s a bonus that people read what I write and get something out of it. I am so thrilled when I hear that the words I sent out into the world made some small difference in someone’s day. I want Jesus to speak through me. I want others to know that they are not alone. We all struggle and we all need to lean on each other.

So why one thousand words a day? Well, I heard a write say that he makes it a point to write one thousand word each day, no matter what. His words stuck with me for some time now and I am going to attempt something similar. I will begin with five hundred words as a goal and see how it goes. I don’t want to set myself up for failure and think this is a fair place to begin.

Some days I hope that the writing will be Scripture inspired and filled with the Spirit. I cannot promise that this will always be the case. The goal is to get myself into the habit of exercising my passion each day and allow it to become a healthy habit. I have decided to post each day on this blog as a way to be accountable. I was not going to do this right away, I fear I will fail. I also know that I cannot allow fear to rule my decisions and so I am posting my first attempt right now. When something comes up over and over again, I have learned to follow and see where it goes.

I thank you all for being on this journey with me and would love to hear from you. What is your passion? What makes you feel alive and connected? Do you make time for it each day?


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