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Welcome to our community, we are so glad that you are here.

Let me start with the purpose behind creating this site. Our intention is to truly live the life we was meant to live. As I speak to others about this topic, I find that desire runs deep within all of us. Intentional living, purposeful living, these are all topics you see and hear everywhere. As we search for inspiration online, we come across many “how to” sites. These types of sites tend to offer a step by step process to finding your true self. I am happy that this approach seems to work for so many, but it does not transform lives in the way we desire.

We are not here to point out what not to do, nor are we here to point out what you should do. We are merely looking to find a way we can dig a bit deeper and share it with all of you. Our hope is to spark something deep within you and encourage you to find your own true self. We live in a culture that turns a blind eye to our surrounding. We can find ourselves going through the motions and choosing the “easy” path too many times. Can begin to believe that we cannot become what we desire to be, even though our hearts says otherwise. Let’s move away from that place.

For many years, I have desired to reach out and touch the lives of many. Here, we want to help brighten up your day, spark creativity and make true connections. We want to stop blaming our society and begin to realize that we ARE society. We can make changes, but changes must take place within us first. Let us learn to slow down and connect again. Let us learn together, just what we are capable of when we stop believing the lies. Let us find true healing of past wounds and learn to love each other again. Let us teach each other how to break the cycle, how to grow together and live our lives the way we were meant to.

I look forward to this journey and have no idea where it will go. We have no hard and fast rules, other than to be as kind and as transparent as possible. We want to stop making guidelines and allow free form to take place. Our hope is to build a community here online that will begin to spill over into each of your local communities. We want to hear from people around the world so that we may all gain a broader perspective. Trust, honesty and kindness are essential.

Remember that each of us are here on purpose and that we can live with purpose. There are no mistakes in the creation of any human being. You have passions, desires and talents. These are unique to each and every one of us and we can incorporate them into our daily living. Life is hard and we can become so burdened, we can begin to walk blinded to the truth and fumbling around in the darkness.

There multitude of topics on here. Let’ us share our passions, use our talents and follow our hearts here. We love feedback and want to hear from all of you! There are no experts here. We are not looking to offer some kind of guru formula to follow. Let us find a way to be our essential selves together.


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God transforms if we let Him.

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