Ordinary Family

We are an ordinary family. We wake early each morning ready to take on the day that is ahead of us. We all head out to work, school and daycare with hugs, kisses and word of “I love you”, “have a great day” and “see you this afternoon”.

Our weeks are full of Sunday morning church, teaching Sunday school, working the sound boards, work, school, homework, fellowship, ministries, band practice and home cooked meals together. We try to balance work, play and responsibilities. We want to make an impact in this world, in our community, in each other.

We are an ordinary family.

We try to limit mindless self-indulgences but leave time to just be. We love to spend hours outside playing when it’s nice out and to have times of creating together. Our house is open to all, we love cooking for friends and sharing our space. Intimate moments shared and shoulders cried on while the children play innocently all around. We love sharing the space we have been blessed with.

We have our struggles and we have our moments of frustration and fleshing out. We are only human, but we forgive, repent and move onward and upward. We lift each other up.

We are not the extraordinary, we are ordinary and we strive to love others as we are loved by our Lord and Savior.

We allow ourselves to be interruptible. We look to pause and truly listen to those who come to us in confidence. We offer all we have and think of nothing as really ours. We are stewards and long to honor our King with all He has entrusted us with.

We are loved and we are blessed. We have so much more room for growth but acknowledge how far we have come. No guilt.

We are ordinary and look to not be ashamed of where we are or the struggles we experience. We share our lives with those around, we push through and try to remain transparent. We all have burdens to bear and should be able to share with each other and help each other carry these burdens. We are not meant to be bear them alone.

I hope that I am approachable and kind enough that all feel comfortable approaching me with their worries and their burdens. I hope that when others look in on our lives they see that we are far from perfect and do not pass judgment. We understand and want to stand by your side in all your happiest moments and to walk by your side in all your darkest moments too.

We are an ordinary family that expect extraordinary things from Jesus for He has done such amazing things within these lives. I know He can do amazing things in your life too, you just need to give Him the space to do them!

Jesus loves you and so do I.

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